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On June 18, 2010, the Tears Of Laughter reunited and played their 40 year reunion show for a crowd of 250 friends in a little pub in Texas called Topper's.


                                                                Welcome to the Tears Of Laughter web site. This web site is not only a tribute to the band, The Tears Of Laughter, but also a tribute to all of the "garage bands" that were formed and played their music back during the famous 1960's. Those were fun times. Life seemed to be much simpler back then and the music of the period reflected that so well. The Tears Of Laughter was formed in 1968 in Haltom City and North Richland Hills, Texas, where the band played for teen parties, teen clubs, and school sock hops. The band consisted of Rickey Edwards - keyboard and vocals, C.L. Edwards - drums, Mike Whitaker - lead guitar and vocals, Gary Markum - rythm guitar and vocals, and Reeford Rogers - bass guitar and vocals. In 1971 the Tears Of Laughter disbanded with members going on to form other bands. With the exception of bass player, Reeford Rogers, all band members have remained in contact and all are still playing in various bands today. The photographs displayed on this web site were taken by photographer, Nita Edwards. Nita was the mother of band members Rickey and C.L. Edwards and probably the greatest fan and promoter of the band. Nita passed away in November of 2004, still living in the same home where the Tears Of Laughter rehearsed there music back in the 60's. After her death there was the bittersweet task of going through the many boxes of her treasured photographs and tape recordings and that is when these photographs were discovered. There are great hopes of uncovering some original Tears Of Laughter music recordings in the many reel to reel tapes left behind by Nita Edwards. If you are one of us who enjoyed growing up in the 1960's take a moment while viewing this site and let your memories take you back to those days of garage bands, school parties and sock hops . . . . those are the days we will never be able to capture again . . .





Coming soon! We will be adding a photo album page for the TOL forty year reunion where we will post a lot of photos from the event . . . .














L to R: Rickey Edwards, Gary Markum, Clair Parr, Reaford Rogers, Dinah Joyner, Susan Blanchard, Mike Whitaker, C.L. Edwards























Haltom Junior High School . . . there was a thrill in the air that Fall day as the band rehearsed for the sock hop they would play at that night, Saturday, September 27, 1969






Many good things seem to come to an end . . . L to R: C.L. , Mike, Rickey, and Gary . . . July 1971, the last year the Tears Of Laughter performed . . .




Thanks for stopping by to visit the Tears Of Laughter web site. If you are from the Haltom City and North Richland Hills, Texas area, grew up in the 60's, and remember attending a party or sock hop when the band played, that's really cool! If you are from the same generation but from another area and never heard the band, we hope the web site took you back to the days of your own growing up in the 60's and the local garage bands that provided the music for your times. If you are of a later generation I hope you caught a glimpse of what a wonderful time our generation had growing up in the colorful, wonderful, carefree 1960's, the era of the "garage band". . . God bless!


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