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GraceHeart Sound relies on industry standard recording/video equipment and software for quality project productions.

At the heart of GraceHeart Sound studio are the following elements:




Pro Tools 11 - digital audio recording software

Pro Tools has earned the title of "Industry Standard" in the professional recording studio industry. It has been used more than any other multi-track digital audio recording software in the recording industry to produce commercial quality CD's for professional record labels. We use the latest version, Pro Tools 11. This highly acclaimed software realistically provides 64 tracks of audio recording at 24 bit / 96 kHz and up to 192 kHz. There are many choices when it comes to digital audio recording software but this is not the place to cut corners when professional quality results is the goal. Here at GraceHeart Sound we chose the very best, Pro Tools.




Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 - boutique preamps and firewire digital interface:



Liquid Saffire 56 is Focusrite’s new flagship digital audio interface. While having the best digital recording software is essential, a professional quality digital interface and boutique preamps are equally as important and make up the other half of the recording equation. Focusrite's Liquid technology combines with Saffire PRO Firewire interfacing to deliver a host of authentic preamp flavors, seamless software integration, excellent routing flexibility and future-proof, rock-solid driver stability. In addition to six of Focusrite's legendary mic pre's, two of Liquid Saffire 56’s preamps uses the third generation Focusrite’s Liquid Pre amp, providing the choice of ten different preamp emulations. These include emulations based on the Neve 1073, the Pultec MB-1, Telefunken V72 and seven more. A harmonics dial on each Liquid preamp lets you account for variance in vintage originals of the same model, or use levels of 2nd, 3rd and 5th Harmonic distortion creatively to shape your sound. Liquid Saffire 56 doesn’t just offer preamp variety; sonic integrity is also guaranteed throughout. Both the Liquid and Saffire preamps ensure low noise and distortion, whilst quality digital conversion and JetPLL™ jitter elimination technology ensure pristine audio quality as your audio flows between the analogue and digital domains. Alongside the two Liquid and six Saffire preamps are a host of I/O options; 10 analogue outputs, 16 channels of ADAT I/O, stereo S/PDIF, MIDI and two virtual ‘loopback’ inputs for routing digital audio between software applications — ideal for capturing audio playback within your computer. Mic, Line and Instrument inputs all use independent connectors, with the input type for each channel selectable via custom control software. Consequently, all the inputs can remain permanently connected, ready for whatever your recording session demands. In addition, word-clock I/O is provided on BNC connectors, allowing Liquid Saffire 56 to act as either a master clock for your studio, or as a slave to an existing sync system. Every channel features an independent phantom power and a high-pass filter, switchable from the front panel, with the two instrument channels also featuring -9dB pads for additional headroom. Front panel five-step LED metering for all inputs, including ADAT and S/PDIF, offers accurate viewing of all levels. Saffire Mix Control, the zero-latency 18 x 16 DSP Mixer/Router software provided with Liquid Saffire 56 features powerful output routing and monitoring. It also provides intuitive one-click set-up options, a clear and concise mixing layout, large on-screen metering for inputs, outputs and submixes, and control over the choice of Liquid emulation. The Liquid Saffire 56 is the digital interface of choice for GraceHeart Sound studio.




Sony Vegas Pro - digital video production software


Sony's Vegas Pro features include GPGPU acceleration of video decoding, effects, playback, compositing, pan/crop, transitions, and motion. Also included are enhanced text tools, enhanced stereoscopic/3D features, RAW photo support, and new event synchronization mechanisms. In addition,Vegas Pro features the "NewBlue" Titler Pro, a 2D and 3D titling plug-in. Vegas Pro has won awards because of major broadcasters who have utilized the software, including Nightline with Ted Koppel. Several film festival winners have used Vegas Pro to cut their features. Vegas Pro has been used by engineers and artists as diverse as the 5.1 surround mix for legendary prog rock band, YES, as well as recordings by Shania Twain, Rod Stewart, Quiet Riot and music video/live recordings for Sheryl Crow. Sony's Vegas Pro is the digital video editing software of choice for GraceHeart Sound studio.


Below are manufacturers of equipment and software that are an integral part of GraceHeart Sound studio.





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